“… Tweaking the system is not only the most efficient way to make the system go in interesting ways, but in some ways, the safest way, because when you try to horse the whole system around in a big way, you can get into big horsing-around problems, but if you tweak it, it will adjust to the tweak.”

Stewart Brand, Californian activitst, author and entrepreneur

For me, integrating sustainability into daily working life means not only acting in a more environmentally conscious way, but also changing thinking patterns, going beyond the usual, the “normal”, becoming more efficient, innovative and even more affordable – that’s what I have learned over the course of 13 years in the agency and as part of countless projects.

Advisory focus

Sustainability is playing an increasingly important strategic role for many companies and organisations. Few of them succeed in thinking through sustainability down to the smallest detail to create a coherent overall picture. Large-scale projects are often initiated, but the many details that give a convincing picture of the commitment to sustainability and make this visible to everyone are often overlooked.

The focus of my advisory services is to identify the many measures, large and small, that contribute to a sustainable overall picture and corporate development. This includes everyday office life, staff development and PR. My advisory services aim to successively align all corporate activities with sustainability, especially with regard to the DNA of the company and the institution. My participatory approach, which involves all stakeholders, ensures that the sustainability concept is implemented successfully. I can support you in taking your employees with you when it comes to presenting measures, effects and relationships clearly and transparently.

The end result is a sustainability strategy that your employees can identity with and you can live by. Only then can the strategy be credible, and only then can you dispel suspicions of greenwashing.