About me

15 years as managing partner of an agency in event management and political consulting; political scientist and sustainability as a core competence – this is what makes me who I am.


The more detailed version includes the fact that I founded the agency kp Kulturmanagement during my studies in political science, Romance studies and international law. I mainly provided advisory services to clients from political youth and adult education organisations. My focus was on press and public relations, the creation of formats for political education and event organisation. In 2003, I transferred the agency to labconcepts GmbH. As managing partner, I built up the company to become one of the leading agencies in sustainable event management in Germany. My work focused on advising clients on development policy issues and sustainability discourses. In addition to the core business, which is the conception and organisation of events of all sizes, I also advised clients on developing sustainability strategies for their own companies or institutions. Over the course of training sessions, workshops and lectures, I shared my knowledge of the field of sustainability combined with my practical experience. I was also responsible for moderating events and developing concepts for sustainable event and office management. By that point, labconcepts had more than 20 employees and achieved an annual turnover of more than €1.5 million.  In mid-2018, I will be leaving labconcepts as managing partner to focus exclusively on consulting and moderation. I am delighted to be able to pass on my practical experience and help others make their own business more sustainable.

As one of the initiators of the events für morgen network of experts founded in 2015 and a partner of talk&act, publisher of the “GreenScoreCard” monitoring instrument, I am committed to making sustainable event management a matter of course and trying to overcome existing fears and obstacles

As a graduate of the Common Purpose network, I am committed to actively shaping our society.