About me

Political scientist, sustainability expert, entrepreneur, certified live and online trainer, design thinking trainee, scenario building expert, presenter, mother and many more  – that’s the short form.


For those who like it a little more detailed:

As a political scientist and international law expert (M.A.), I am passionate in communicating complex connections. In sustainability consulting, I can follow this passion and combine my experience from business practice with scientific know-how.

For 15 years, as managing partner, I have built up and managed an education, political consulting and communication company. My focus was on questions of development policy and sustainability discourse. According to the motto “Walk the Talk”, I have implemented a strategic sustainability management in the company. The agency was one of the first in the industry to make sustainability the core of the business model. Since summer 2018, I have been concentrating exclusively on strategic sustainability consulting. This includes process design and monitoring as well as facilitation, training, coaching and moderations in national and international contexts.

As a trained facilitator (Kommunikationslotsen), I design and hold the spaces that are needed to bring processes forward in a solution- and impact-oriented way.

As a certified Live Online Trainer  (FCT Academy) I combine workshops and trainings live and online in the implementation of sustainabilityconcepts. This not only make the process more efficient, but also more inclusive, because all parties involved can work independently of the location.

I learned the design thinking  basics at the  Hasso-Plattner-Institut Potsdam  (2018). Thinking from the target group is the focus of design thinking and that is exactly what makes the difference between lived sustainability concepts and those that are only on paper. Those who do not take their stakeholders with them will not implement sustainability authentically or successfully.

As a moderator  (BerlinSchool of Journalism)  and  Scenario Trainer,  I guide you and your employees through the sustainability process even if it becomes difficult and conflicting goals have to be resolved.

As one of the initiators of the events für morgen network of experts founded in 2015 and a partner of talk&act, publisher of the “GreenScoreCard” monitoring instrument, I am committed to making sustainable event management a matter of course and trying to overcome existing fears and obstacles

As a graduate of the Common Purpose network, I am committed to actively shaping our society.