Advisory support for project teams in the planning and implementation of more sustainable events

Events offer a great deal of potential, not only to show the outside world how serious you are about your sustainability approach in an authentic way, but also to bring about small and large changes. One of the side effects is that the costs of events drop if you plan and implement them sustainably. There are many examples to prove this. The core elements of sustainable event management alone – reduction and needs-based planning – mean that you will save money. I will guide the project teams in the conception and implementation phase of events and provide advice as to where decisions can be re-assessed through the lens of sustainability. I will help the teams to rethink routines, challenge classic thinking patterns in project management, and find creative solutions for first-class events with a difference.
Sustainable event management is not about ticking off checklists or guidelines. Every event thrives on your creativity and individuality – especially in times of digitisation, when it is becoming more and more important to create real experiences and encounters. Sustainable event management can do that because it’s all about providing individual creative solutions to event planning measures that are usually off the shelf. Your project teams get to learn how this can be done through my advisory support.